Metamorfozy pacjentów



Mrs. Sylwia was persuaded to visit Luxdentica by a friend who is also our patient. A recommendation for our clinic is not only her beautiful smile but also her husband, who has just started treatment at Luxdentica.

The patient came to us from another dental office while undergoing orthodontic treatment. She had already invested a lot of time, with a particular focus on the aesthetics of her smile but also on quick and visible results.

The treatment was preceded by the Digital Smile Design (DSD) project, allowing our patient to see the results before the procedures began. Based on the approved project and after preparatory treatment, we planned the smile aesthetics, including ceramic veneers, following the Luxdentica protocol. The procedures were performed under sedation, under the careful supervision of an anesthesiologist, ensuring our patient's comfort throughout the treatment process.

The treatment progressed quickly and smoothly, and our patient is extremely satisfied with the results. 



Preparatory treatment


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