Patients' Metamorphoses

Who are you when you smile? Many of our patients dreamed of a beautiful smile but didn't believe that the results could be so spectacular.

We knew.

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Mrs. Ludmiła
Leczenie implantologiczne

Treatment at Luxdentica has significantly impacted my life! I smile more often, I've even grown to like red lipstick, and I definitely appeal more to my husband, my loved ones, and friends. I've also motivated many people to follow in my footsteps.

I really appreciated the professionalism of the entire team. The medical care was of a very high standard! Despite the radical procedure - removing all teeth and implanting new ones - I never felt uncomfortable for a moment. From the perspective of someone who has already been through it all, I truly don't regret this decision. I encourage everyone - it's just one brave decision, and your whole life can change!

Mrs. Anita
Smile aesthetics, ceramic veneers

I sincerely recommend it! In terms of professionalism and communication with the patient, Luxdentica is top-notch. Excellent communication both over the phone and via email. I also admire Dr. Chomiuk for his composure, calmness, giving me a sense of security, and wonderful communication throughout the entire treatment. Knowing that you have a beautiful smile makes you want to smile at other people.

Mrs. Kasia
Implanty w 1 godzinę

It's incredible how much my new smile has changed. Actually, everything has changed. For all the compliments I've been receiving for the past few months, for the comfort I feel every day... I sincerely thank the entire team for finally being able to laugh freely, especially Dr. Ganowski for well-reasoned arguments and the warm, pleasant atmosphere that accompanied me throughout the treatment. I highly recommend Luxdentica clinic.

Mrs. Anna
Estetyka uśmiechu, licówki ceramiczne

I was afraid of dentists my whole life, thinking that my teeth simply had to look that way. Looking back now, I don't know how I could have suffered for so long, constantly controlling my smile. Because of fear and lack of faith, I wasted so much time! Choosing the Luxdentica clinic, I came across a team of wonderful doctors who care for their patients, providing them with care, a good atmosphere in the office, time, and attention. I'm very happy that I made the decision to undergo treatment. Thank you, and I highly recommend the Krakow clinic!

Mr. Marcello
Leczenie implantologiczne
Philosophy of Smile

We have this obsession that everyone who comes to Luxdentica leaves with the thought that dreams come true. We want our smiles to wander around Krakow, Warsaw, London... (insert your city here) and infect others. We want the smile to spread, so that everyone can have cheerful, cool days.

We want dental treatment to be associated with quality, comfort, and confidence for you. This confidence should apply not only to the services offered by Luxdentica but also to the friendly atmosphere, mutual trust, and exceptional conditions we have created for you in our Krakow clinics. I warmly invite all of you.

Dariusz Wilisowski

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